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Coconut the flavour trend of 2016

Coconut is declared the flavour for 2016, due to it's increasing prominence firstly through coconut water and the the discovery and introduction of coconut derived products from Asia including India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

Below an extract from Swiss based company Firmenich website the world’s largest privately-owned company in the fragrance and flavour business.

 Firmenich believes the appeal of coconut lies in consumers’ attraction to the feelings of balance and well-being that coconut evokes. The company notes that in the U.S., coconut water first appeared in yoga studios, and the association between wellness and coconut has remained strong. We live in a chaotic world, faced with an abundance of stimuli, and as this way of life continues, Firmenich predicts consumers will continue gravitating to the calmness of coconut.

Since 2010, the number of coconut flavored food and drink products introduced on the market globally has increased by 121% , with an annual growth rate of 17%. This surge in product launches includes soups and sauces; coconut chips (both sweet and savory); popcorn and trail mix; coconut oil chews; and much more.

Not to mention a coconut beverage craze that’s blossomed well beyond water including coconut-flavored coffee, tea, vodka, milks and sparkling water. “Coconut is a fantastic flavor for savoury dishes. It works well in soups and sauces, and pairs beautifully with all four of the main animal proteins: fish, chicken, beef and pork, which is rare,” says Stefano Marciano, a TechnoChef in the Savory group at Firmenich. “It adds a layer of complexity and depth to whatever you are cooking which makes it a fun flavour to work with as a chef.”

 “Coconut in general is benefiting from being ‘on-trend’ on a number of fronts, and coconut flavored variants as a whole can be expected to continue to grow across the food and drink sector," said Chris Brockman, senior food and drink analyst, Mintel.

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