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5 surprising benefits of Coconut Charcoal

A short list of 5 benefits of coconut charcoal. Coconut charcoal also known as activated charcoal is made from burning coconut shells. The shell is used for fuel, cooking as well as medical and filtration purposes. Activated Charcoal played significant roles in the first world war to prevent the soldiers from getting exposed to chemical warfare. A quick list.

1. Water purification and can be found in store bought water filtration products for the household to remove impurities from tap water.

2.Great De-Toxification Agent: Activated charcoal derived from coconut can be found tablets and used as a hospital treatment for possible poisoning or toxic ingestion, to help flush out toxins and reduce effects of poisons in the body.

3. Teeth Whitening available in toothpaste products or loose powder form for brushing of teeth, together with coconut oil for oil pulling can help improve oral and dental hygiene. And there's an increase in products targeting this market promoting both coconut charcoal and coconut oil with various formulations and brands

4. Air Purification and Filtration: Coconut charcoal can be found in large amount of commercial air filters for filtering out the germs & dust from the atmosphere. Also forgetting rid or neutralising odours in the home.

5. For cooking the coconut charcoal is preferred as it is less smokey burn, a much cleaner option for grilling and or barbecue, with bonus of once used can then be added to compost or used in gardening for soil drainage.

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