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Sustainable woodfree board made from coconut coir husk not trees

Scientists have discovered that using the coir derived from the coconut husks, could lead to the development of particle board or density fibre boards as a sustainable alternative to wood used to make boards from trees. Helping to prevent deforestation and loss of natural habitat in many countries.

Initiatives such as Ecocoboard, that is formed from the fibrous coconut husks without addition of chemical adhesives. Creates commercial for the husks that would substantially increase the profitability, of coconut farming and contribute to the economy and export of the Philippines.
Techno-economic evaluation of the process showed that Ecocoboard can compete on the market for high quality wood based panels and boards for building and furniture applications.

Binderless boards from coconut husk

A team led by Mr. Keijsers has developed two kinds of husk-based boards, one high-quality board with a higher density and the other of medium quality. The former is costly while the latter is cheaper and quicker to produce, he said. The boards are developed by milling, steam pressing, and cooling the husks. They require no glue or resin to hold together.

They absorb water without swelling and are flexible enough to bend without breaking: this makes them resistant to fire. Stress tests done on the boards produced from husk show that the water-absorbent and flame-retardant properties of the products are superior to most other woods used now, including medium-density fibreboard, plywood, and hardwood.

These examples show that as well as coconut products that cover the food and drink sector it also shows, the diverse potential in other industries for commercial and industrial application with additional market export opportunities. Especially in sustainable, energy efficient methods of production and those supporting green policies.
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